Prompt – Because you love me

Where do I start? There are so so many things that happened because you love me.

I knew immediately when I met you that we were special. We fell in love pretty quickly and everything just stemmed from there. You made me question whether I had actually ever really been in love before “us” and the answer is quite simply ….no.

Because you love me, I could tell the difference in what I thought was love and what love actually is. What being IN love really means.

Because you love me, you took the time to find out who I really am and in time because of that, I, myself, learned who I really am. I am someone who is so grateful every single second of every single day, that we were able to be together. I am someone who despite being heartbroken now you are gone, understands that this life is far too short and we must try to pack as much in. I am someone who doesn’t really feel strong enough to do that without you but I also know that the love, strength, confidence and courage you gave me by loving me, will get me through.

Because you love me, you looked past my faults and fears to find all the good things to build upon. Because you love me, you made me into a better person because I had you to guide me.

Because you love me, our family and friends could see the spark that you created in my eyes every time I looked at you.

Because you love me, is why the pain of losing you cuts like a knife.


One thought on “Prompt – Because you love me

  1. I’ve just read all of your blog and cried through most of it Mac. Your writing is beautiful and couldn’t be any more heartfelt. It feels like it’s so therapeutic for you and I hope it is. Keep writing chick. Ps take umbrella today! ❤️ Ya! 🌈 Xxx


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