I love Manchester

The last 24 hours has given me even more reason to mourn, as the rest of the country will. What the hell is going on?

Late last night I learned about the explosion in Manchester and crumbled……..my sister in law and niece were attending the very concert where this atrocity happened. Thankfully they were found safe and well and were very lucky. But so so many weren’t.

I have never classed myself as a Mancunuan, more of a Lancashire lass but I have worked in Manchester city centre for 26 years so it is MY city. I can’t tell you how sad, sorry,  angry and broken hearted I am for everyone involved in this horrendous day and my heart goes out to them all.

To mourn is an awful process. To mourn can tear you apart. To mourn will change your life forever. WE ARE ALL MOURNING MANCHESTER.

But we ARE what makes Manchester and we will support everyone who needs it by being us . We are proud, brave,  strong, courageous and determined.



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