Father’s Day

Firstly, I will say Happy Father’s Day to my own amazing, kind, cute and wonderful dad. You are my hero and have been the best dad I could have ever asked for…..thank you for everything. MWAHHHH.

Myself and Dave didn’t have children together (we both wish we had, it just never happened) but between us, over the years of previous relationships and our own relationship, we have stepchildren, foster children and biological children. In total, there have been 9 kids who have been lucky enough to have him as a father figure in one way or another in the past. 9 VERY lucky kids I might add.

As all parents know, bringing up children isn’t something that comes with a guide book. Kids are unique and have their own set of rules. It can be exhausting, challenging, frustrating and sometimes scary having that responsibility but Dave just always took it in his stride, never gave up and bestowed unconditional love from beginning to end. Everyone loved him, you couldn’t not. He was kind, caring, honest, genuine and just wanted the best for all them, in equal amounts.

Today is the first Father’s Day I have spent without him since meeting him almost 6 years ago. I always sorted out little things from the kids for him so this year there was a big gap to fill. I had made a few plans for today which didn’t come off as I hoped, mainly because of circumstances and differing priorities and its been so very disappointing.

So, I wanted to write tonight and wish him a Happy Father’s Day in Heaven, to tell him that he was the most amazing father, foster-father and stepfather that ever walked this earth (on a par with my dad of course!!) and that I love him and always have been and always will be so proud of everything he achieved – thank you darling xx

We sent off some tributes tonight in the form of Chinese lanterns with little messages of love and thanks on them. Hope they get there babe! Happy Father’s Day x




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